Telecine is a union of creativity and technology. Lightpress has a team of talented colorists and excellent tools for any film originated projects. Consult with our colorists to help guide the appropriate creative and technical choices to complete the vision of your project.

Film Scanning Technical Features:

  • DFT Shadow Film Scanner
  • DaVinci Color Corrector
  • 4444 RGB HD
  • Super 8mm Gate
  • 1080 23.98PsF / 1080i/720p/525/625 scans
  • File Capture direct to drive
  • Recordings to ProRes, DNXHD, HDCamSR, HDCam, Digital BetaCam, MiniDV
  • Teranex Noise Reduction
  • Aaton InstaSync audio syncing from DAT or disc

If your film is already processed and prepped for transfer the rates are: 
$1.00/ft for S8mm @ 24fps
$0.38/ft for 16mm @ 24fps
$0.25/ft for 35mm @ 24fps
The minimum fee is $100.

If you need processing and prep for transfer see rate cards below.
16mm Rate Card
Super 8mm Rate Card
35mm Rate Card

Order Form
We have created an online order form for you convenience. If you have any questions about how to fill out the form please visit our FAQ section. Submit your film transfer order by filling out this form.

You can use the Kodak Footage Calculator to determine the running time of your film - which will determine your file size. File size can be determined by downloading the AJA Data Rate calculator (Mac link - PC link) or by using the VideoSpace calculator.