Providing access to motion picture film in your collection presents some unique challenges.

Lightpress can help by providing professional film restoration and transfer services.  These include:

  • High quality transfer to digital files
  • Inspection and repair of damage
  • Replacing splices
  • Mold removal
  • Metadata insertion
  • Ultrasonic film cleaning
  • Digital noise reduction, scratch & grain reduction
  • Image stabilization
  • Color correction to restore balance cause by dye fade


Archiving video tapes can often present more of a challenge than film. 

The degradation of the medium is not readily apparent as it is with film and the very act of playing a tape that has degraded significantly could destroy it, that is if you can find a machine to play the tape.  

Format obsolescence is a frequent problem run into by those looking to archive video tapes.  Video tape formats have changed multiple times and few players remain for some formats.

Lightpress provides solutions for video tape archives with our proprietary process for minimizing tape degradation and we maintain legacy players for most every format.



We provide consulting services to help you manage and monetize your asset collection. 

Our services include:

  • Evaluation and implementation of digital asset management solutions
  • Recommending preservation protocols for your AV materials.
  • Metadata management solutions to increase usability of assets 
  • Evaluation of asset monetizing models
  • Evaluation of your current archival storage.
  • Software solutions for web-based access to assets.
  • Hardware solutions for long-term archiving